High Power Chip Resistor


Providing design engineers
with a 3W-rated resistive component that requires minimal PC board
space, TT electronics IRC has extended the resistance range and
voltage rating of its highest power dissipation chip resistor. The SC-3
Series resistor, a 3-watt device in a 1-watt (1225) chip size, now
features a resistance range from 1ohm up to 100Kohms, and a
maximum voltage rating increase from 50V to 100V.

"The terminations on the long sides of the resistor provide maximum
heat transfer while also minimizing stress due to TCE mismatch between
the device and the PC board," said Gary Bleasdell, thick film business
unit director for IRC. "As a result of the enhanced design, we were not
only able to extend the specifications, but this 3W resistor is much
smaller and thinner than comparable molded 3W wirewound resistors."

Typical applications for the SC-3 Series resistor include inrush current
limiting in power supplies, current setting resistors in constant
voltage LED circuits, and anywhere extremely low profile
resistors are needed.

The SC-3 Series 1225 resistors feature a resistance range of 1ohm
to 100Kohms, with power dissipation of 3W @ 70°C.  Absolute tolerances
are to ±1% with TCRs of ±100ppm/°C.  Maximum voltage rating is 100V
and operating temperature ranges from -55C to +150°C.  Standard
Sn/Pb terminations are available along with matte tin (Pb-free)
terminations. IRC will also produce devices outside these
specifications to meet customer requirements.
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