High Power Heaters offer Low-cost Compact Heating


Spectrum Sensors and Controls introduces a high power, compact heater design that utilizes proven ceramic PTC technology to act as the heating element. The PTC thermistors used in this high power heater are self-regulating elements that can operate at a nearly constant temperature over a wide range of voltage and environmental conditions.

Spectrum’s PTC heaters offer high power density in a compact, low-cost design that can accommodate a wide array of PTC thermistor elements. These heaters have a rated power output to 1500W, require no thermostat and have a virtually unlimited life with no moving parts. Positioned between rigid aluminum fins are one or more PTC heating elements. This helps maximize the heating surface area while protecting the PTC elements.

The PTC heaters can be used alone or in conjunction with a number of other devices to heat a large area. A fan is used to dissipate the heated air from the PTC to the area that is to be heated. Applications for PTC high power heaters include space heaters, CCTV cameras, mat/cushion heaters, telecommunications equipment, vehicle/windshield heaters and many others.


• R25 (Ω) - 300-1000 • V max - 120V • T c (°C) - 250 ± 10°C
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