High Precision CNC Machine


The Quicktech i-42 ROBO and i-60 ROBO 4-axis mill/turn centers feature integrated 6-axis Mitsubishi robots for fast, automated loading and unloading of medium-diameter (i42: 42mm/1.68", i60: 60mm/2.36") bar stock. The i-42 ROBO and i-60 ROBO machines operate in 4 axes (5 with the optional B-axis), with a 15-HP high-torque turning spindle that features C-axis capability, a 2-HP live tool milling spindle, and capacity for 17 tools (23 with B-axis). A standard DIN-173-42B collet chuck provides capacity for 42mm bar, while optional with a 60mm collet or 6-in., 3-jaw chuck offers 60mm bar capacity.


The Mitsubishi S-series 6-axis high-speed robot automatically loads, unloads, or turns over parts weighing up to 13 lbs. The robot allows unhampered operator access as the robot is contained within the machine. An optional multi-tray pallet handling system enables untended operation. In addition to carrying out highly productive turning, the machines can perform complex milling with standard live tools and offer an optional 360˚ B-axis further extends milling capabilities.


The machines’ innovative tooling arrangement provides part-making flexibility and efficiency. A 3-axis (4-axis with optional B-axis) gang-type vertical tool post serves the main spindle with 6 O.D. turning tools, 5 I.D. turning tools, and 3 radial and 3 axial live tool heads. The tool post also provides Y-axis motion for off-center milling operations.  A matched CNC system combines a Mitsubishi M80A control, featuring a 260mm (10.4") LCD, with Mitsubishi servomotors and amplifiers for top reliability and performance. 


Standard Equipment:

  • (3) Axial live tool heads (ER-20 collets)
  • (3) Radial live tool heads (ER-20 collets)
  • (1) 42mm collet chucks (60mm collet chuck for i-60 main spindle) or 6-in., 3 jaw chuck (i-60 only)
  • (5) Front O.D. quick change KM-25 tool holder bases
  • (5) Front I.D. tool holders (ER-20 collets)
  • (1) Front parting tool holder (3/4” square shank)
  • ER-20 collet set (box)
  • Chip conveyor
  • Mitsubishi 6-Axis integrated robot with part storage racks
  • 400 PSI / 8GPM high pressure coolant pump
  • 75 PSI / 20 GPM floor coolant pump
  • Full enclosed machine guards
  • Auto lubrication system
  • 1 Set of machine and control manuals


Optional Accessories:

  • 360° B-Axis with 12 live tools
  • Recommended Kennametal KM-25 tool holder package (certificate)
  • 440/460/480V operation
  • Turn-key with single part prove-out and turn-off (perishable tooling and working holding not included)
  • Mitsubishi M80A upgrade to 5-Axis simultaneous
  • Air conditioner for electrical cabinet instead of heat exchanger
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