High precision electronic inclinometer


NCLINEO is a powerful level/plumbness measurement system utilizing high precision electronic inclinometer technology with a resolution of 0.0003 degrees.  In combination with interchangeable mounting bases INCLINEO measures relative or absolute angularity, flatness, levelness, or parallelism of surfaces; as well as plumbness of vertical shafts, perpendicularity of planes, and straightness along a line.  INCLINEO measures inclination at different positions along a surface enabling exact profile computation of all machined surfaces or flanges.  Its versatility makes it possible to check geometry of CNC machines, as well as measuring the plumbness of hydro turbines.
Its 360° rotatable housing allows the INCLINEO to take measurements at any angular position, including surfaces with a steep inclination.  The 3-key operation makes INCLINEO versatile, ensuring flexibility during measurements and creating effective operation in advanced applications.  The system features integrated wireless communication technology which transmits the measurements to a PC to quickly and easily generate measurement reports.  The surface profile of the measured component is shown in full color 2-D and 3-D graphic display with color coded tolerance levels giving a clear representation of the results.
Its nearly limitless applications include:
Baseplate/foundation flatness and levelness
Perpendicularity/Parallelism of machine tool components
Rail straightness
Flange flatness
Turbine casing flatness and levelness
Wind turbine tower flatness and levelness
Straightness and bending curves of long shafts in marine propulsion systems
Vertical hydro turbine plumbness, straightness and "dog leg" measurements
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