The new Accu-Coattm Model 3230B Screen Printer is a microprocessor controlled, bench top unit manufactured by Aremco Products, Inc., for high precision screening of co-fired ceramic packages, multilayer hybrid circuits, photovoltaic solar cells, liquid crystal displays, and other metallizations. FEATURES The new Accu-Coattm Model 3230B Screen Printer is a high precision, microprocessor controlled, bench top screen printer produced for a wide range of applications within the electronics industry. This unit features a vertical action die set design which guarantees a print repeatability of +/- .0003” over millions of cycles. The Model 3230B is capable of printing a wide range of substrates from thin ceramics, silicon wafers or flexible mylar films to tall components such as ceramic tubes. The Accu-Coattm 3230B utilizes a microprocessor-based control system which supports all modes of operation including setup, print/flood, flood/print, and single and double print with paste hopover. Print modes are software defined and easily customized. Setup adjustments including snap-off, print speed and squeegee pressure are extremely simple to control.
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