High-Speed Collet Chuck


Seco Tools offers a new EBP 5672 collet chuck for high-precision machining. The new collet chuck combines the accuracy of shrink-fit and hydraulic chucks with the flexibility of a collet chuck for reduced run-out, increased torque capabilities and greater productivity. Designed to maximize clamping force by distributing it equally over the full length of the collet, the EPB 5672 minimizes tool run-out in high-performance, high-speed applications. The combination of a strong, trapezoidal thread nut and high-precision grind of the collet nut and body ensure the tool’s even holding pressure and allows the collet to seat firmly and securely within its pocket. The EPB 5672’s design significantly increases rigidity and lowers tool run-out. In tool lengths three times O.D. (3xD), the EPB 5672 reduces run-out to a max of only three microns, a 40% reduction compared with standard type ER collet chucks. Also, torque capacity is three times higher than that of previous collet chucks, allowing for higher running parameters and improved process security. 

“High speed machining creates unique demands on collet tool holders that require high accuracy and the ability to hold a tool in place without tool movement,” said Mike Smith, product manager of reaming and EPB products at Seco Tools. “With the new features of the 5672 holder, shops gain both of these benefits in a compact package allowing for more aggressive cutting parameters and increased tool life.” The EPB 5672 features a completely new type of collet nut that has two cylindrical guiding surfaces on both sides of the thread. This feature helps to center the tool and the collet to the centerline of the tool holder. Another unique feature is the special thread on the nut, which helps create a very strong and uniform gripping force on the collet and the tool shank. Milling tests with the EPB 5672 show increases in tool life of over 30% compared with conventional collet chucks. Utilizing the inherit flexibility in collet chuck design, the EPB 5672 is suitable for milling drilling, tapping and reaming in a range of industries including aerospace, medical micro-machining, general machining and many others. The EPB 5672 is currently available in both conventional and sealed collet in sizes 16R, 16, 25 and 32, while size 11 will be launched later this year


  • maximizes clamping force
  • increases rigidity
  • lowers tool run-out
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