High-Speed Crankshaft Gage Measures Roundness and Cylindricity


A new in-line, automatic crankshaft gage that utilizes multiple followers and dual processes to achieve high-speed measurement in production environ-ments is being introduced by ADCOLE Corporation of Marlborough, MA.

The Adcole Model 1300 High-Speed Crankshaft Gage is an in-line instrument capable of measuring diameters, roundness, cylindricity, timing angle, and stroke with sub-micron accuracy. Featuring a powered tailstock and part driver to permit automatic loading, this gage has a robust granite and structural steel machine base and incorporates the latest technology in controls, air bearings, and optical linear scales for end-of-line accuracy.

Utilizing a touch-screen and Windows XP® user interface, the Adcole Model 1300 High-Speed Crankshaft Gage is offered for up to 1.5 meter crankshafts and acquires measuring points at one-tenth degree intervals. Application-specific programs are offered to provide routines for creating sequences

to measure, calculate, and output printed as well as plotted results.

Adcole Model 1300 High-Speed Crankshaft Gages are priced from $495,000.00, depending upon configuration. Literature is available.
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