High Speed Infrared Linescanner for Process Noncontact Temperature Measurement


Raytek is pleased to announce the
availability of the new MP150 High Speed Infrared Linescanner. This exciting
new product provides the fastest and most complete noncontact temperature
measurement solution on the market today, specifically designed for modern,
high-speed manufacturing processes.

The MP150 features the latest electronics, optics, communications and mirror
mechanisms. One key feature facilitated by this technology is a scan speed
up to 150Hz. Three times faster than its predecessor, this increased speed
allows the linescanner to gather complete data from even the fastest
manufacturing processes.

Another unique feature of the MP150 is the on-board Ethernet TCPI/IP
communication capability. During installation, the user connects directly to
the linescanner without the need for any controller or connection boxes.
Using existing industrial Ethernet infrastructure, the linescanner can be
assigned a unique IP address and accessed from any computer on the network.
This innovation has a considerable effect on the total installed cost,
eliminating wiring runs, conduit, etc.

To speed-up alignment, each unit has an internal line laser which indicates
the exact line-of-sight of the linescanner. This laser, fully protected by
the linescanner housing, projects a clearly visible laser line on the target
even while the linescanner is collecting data at full speed.

A complete suite of software solutions has been enhanced to take advantage
of the increased data acquisition capabilities and extended communication
properties of the MP150. The system packages allow the user to simply and
quickly configure the system to analyze thermal data to monitor and control
their manufacturing processes.

As the fourth generation linescanner from Raytek, the MP150 borrows many
field-proven features from previous models. With thousands of units in the
field in the harshest environments imaginable, the Raytek linescanner has
exhibited remarkable reliability and endurance. The MP150 utilizes the same
form-factor and mechanical components as previous models and is completely
reverse compatible.


• Environmental Rating IP65 (IEC 529) • Ambient Operation Temperature • without water cooling 0 to 50°C • with water cooling max. 180°C • Internal Operation Temperature 0 – 60°C • Storage Temperature -25 to 65°C • Relative Humidity 10 … 90%, non-condensing • Shock IEC 60068-2-27, 3 axes, 11 ms, during • operation: 5 G, non-operating: 25 G • Vibration IEC 60068-2-6, 3 axes, 10 ... 150 Hz, during • operation: 0.5 G, non-operating: 2 G • Scan Motor MTBF: 40.000 h • Water Cooling, Air Purge standard • max. water pressure 5 bar • max. air pressure 3 bar • Size 200 x 180 x 190 mm • Weight 7 kg, incl. air purge • Optical Scan Rate 20 to 150 Hz (max. 48 Hz for P3 models) • Response Time 20 ms • Field of View 90° / 45° • Focus 1,52 m standard, custom focuses available • Emissivity 0,1 … 1,0 digitally adjustable • Samples 256 per scan line up to 150 Hz • 512 per scan line up to 80 Hz • 1024 per scan line up to 40 Hz (option) • Signal Processing Max, Min, AVG, Peak/Valley Hold, Alarm • setpoints • Analog Outputs 3 user-configurable 0/4 – 20 mA, current • outputs, collectively isolated, max. resistance • 500 Ω • Alarm Output relay, contacts 30 V, 1 A • Inputs trigger, laser switching • Ethernet Communication TCP/IP protocol 10/100Mbit/s • Serial Communication RS485 full duplex, non-addressable • Power 24 VDC ±25 %, 1 A • Warm-Up Time 20 min. • CE-Conformance EN61010-1: 1993 /A2: 1995 • EN61326-1, EN 60825-1
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