High-speed retorquer


JM/CLI introduces the new beltorque(TM), a unique high-speed retorquer that reapplies cap torque after induction sealing. Unlike conventional retorquers that use discs or spindles to tighten caps, the patent-pending beltorque uses belts to tighten caps. This innovative approach improves product quality by eliminating cap damage and achieving more consistent torque values. With simplified mechanics, beltorque increases line productivity by speeding changeover and reducing unplanned downtime. Ideal for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmetics and personal care products, beltorque handles round, oval, square and rectangular containers from 2 to 12 inches in height and from 0.5 to 7 inches in diameter with caps up to 5 inches in diameter at speeds up to 300 cpm. The easy-to-operate beltorque can be changed over in only five minutes, no tools and no change parts required. Torque is controlled via a single point adjustment. Using belts to tighten caps eliminates the damage to the cap knurling and cap finish that can occur with conventional disc- and spindle-based retorquers. By eliminating cap damage, beltorque produces more attractive product and eliminates the creation of urethane or plastic particles on the line. Using belts also reduces slippage to achieve more constant torque values, which prevents leakers and product contamination while reducing out-of-tolerance rejects and the associated product re-work. With one drive that synchronizes the container-handling belts with the cap-tightening belts, the beltorque simplifies operation, reduces maintenance and requires less time to validate than conventional retorquers Synchronizing the movement of the container with the cap-tightening speed stabilizes product to reduce container jams and maximize production efficiency. The continuous-motion, in-line beltorque features heavy-duty construction, a stainless steel cabinet and support frame, and a polycarbonate front guard with keyed interlock. The compact, self-contained system can be installed over an existing tabletop conveyor, requiring only 30 by 34 inches of floorspace. Simply roll it up, plug it in, and it’s ready for operation. An optional color touchscreen control panel eases operation while an optional motorized height adjustment further eases changeover. An optional PLC-controlled torque monitor collects data and produces a variety of operational reports for quality control and process control purposes. An optional reject system assures product quality by automatically removing containers with out-of-tolerance cap torque from the production line. The standard, single-station beltorque is ideal for reapplying proper cap torque to products that are induction sealed. An optional two-station model is ideal for capping and retorquing products that are not induction sealed.
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