High Strength Hot Melt Adhesive


For fully-automated framing of crystalline solar modules, Henkel Corporation has introduced Terostat® MS 500T, a high strength hot melt adhesive that offers high initial tack for immediate handling. The patented technology of Terostat® MS 500T is based on modified silane polymers and provides very high initial bond strength immediately after assembly, making the adhesive outstandingly well suited for fully automated framing of crystalline modules. Unlike conventional sealing systems, Terostat® MS 500T achieves instant handling strength, eliminating waiting time and accelerating throughput rates, which results in substantial cost savings.

Terostat® MS 500T is extremely easy to handle, especially when compared to conventional adhesive tapes that require additional processing steps like changing reels and disposing of release paper. The hot melt adhesive provides outstanding primerless adhesion to glass, metal and plastics, and excellent long-term resistance to challenging weather conditions. 

Terostat® MS 500T is highly flexible over a range of temperatures from-20º to 100ºC.  UV and damp heat resistant, this adhesive easily compensates for differing rates of thermal expansion between substrates.


  • high initial tack
  • high initial bond strength
  • instant handling strength