High-Temperature Coriolis Flowmeters


-- Completing its family of high temperature Coriolis flowmeters, Emerson Process Management has introduced the Micro Motion F-Series range of high temperature products. The Models F025, F050 and F100, are now available in Stainless Steel or Hastelloy, all rated to 350º C for best-in-class measurement in a compact, drainable style. Together with the highly-acclaimed ELITE™ high temperature meters, the new F-Series high temperature meters complete the range of line sizes from Micro Motion for high temperature applications, offering 6mm to 100mm (1/4” to 4”) in 316L Stainless Steel or Hastelloy C-22 (available in all sizes up to 3”/80mm size). The electronics for both meter lines are attached at the end of a flexible conduit and away from the heat of the sensor. This means that customers are able to choose any transmitter option for integral transmitter mounting. Micro Motion F-Series high temperature Coriolis meters are especially suited to harsh operating environments and applications, such as hard to refine heavy crude, where alternative flow measurement devices cannot handle the high temperature process fluids. Other applications include high temperature processes such as asphalt, bitumen, monomers, polymers, wax and cooking oils that are difficult to control and keep below a set temperature limit. With Micro Motion high temperature Coriolis meters, customers can run heavy refined products hotter for a more productive and repeatable process. And, because Micro Motion high temperature meters have higher operating limits, there is no need to keep temperatures from exceeding an upper limit. With the added confidence in the reliability of a meter designed especially for high temperature service, users can realize greater profitability through lower operating costs and reduced raw material costs. Whereas the accuracy of all other Coriolis meters is dependent on the flow rate, only Micro Motion meters with patented MVD™ technology are flow rate independent, delivering stated accuracy without additional uncertainty caused by “zero stability” over the typical flow range. Use of this rigorous specification methodology means that the Micro Motion F-Series meter, with improved sensor design and advanced Micro Motion MVD technology, is more accurate across its overall flow range than any Coriolis meter in the compact, drainable class. The new high temperature Micro Motion Coriolis meters are part of the broad range of intelligent, digital field devices from Emerson that power the PlantWeb® digital plant architecture to improve plant efficiency by 2% and more through delivering asset optimization, process automation, and management execution. Further cost savings, increased plant availability, and enhanced safety and environmental compliance are achieved when the meters are integrated into the PlantWeb architecture.


• Mass flow accuracy - +/-0.10% to 0.20% of flow rate • Volume flow accuracy - +/-0.15% to 0.30% of flow rate • Gas flow accuracy - +/-0.50% of flow rate • Density accuracy - +/-0.001 to 0.002 g/cc (+/1.0 to 2.0 kg/m3) • Wetted parts - Stainless Steel 316L or Nickel Alloy C-22 • Temperature rating - Standard: -150° to 400° F (-100° to 204° C) High Temperature**: -40° to 662° F (-40° to 350° C) • Pressure rating*** - 1450 psi (100 bar) Stainless Steel 316L 2160 psi (148 bar) Nickel Alloy C-22
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