High Temperature Hose Extremely Flexible and Compressible


A new line of high temperature hose offered in single and two-ply config-urations that are extremely flexible and feature up to 10:1 compressibility is being introduced by The Flexaust Company, Inc. of Warsaw, Indiana.

Flexaust® Flex-Lok® SF Series High Temperature Hose features silicone silver fiberglass fabric which is mechanically crimped in a continuous process to create a “locked” construction that is extremely flexible and compressible. Easier to move around than conventional silicone hose, it is offered in a single ply version for service to 550°F and a two-ply version with a gas tight inner liner and a polyurethane wear strip for service to 600°F.

Providing superior external abrasion resistance, Flexaust® Flex-Lok® SF Series High Temperature Hose is available in sizes from 3” up to 18” I.D. and standard 25 ft. lengths. An ET version, constructed from aluminum coated fiberglass, is also offered for use up to 1050°F. Applications include jet fuel vapor venting, vapor recovery, pollution control, vehicle exhaust systems, welding and plastics fume control, and support duct.

Flexaust® Flex-Lok® SF Series High Temperature Hose is priced according to construction, size, and quantity. Samples and price quotations are available upon request.


• Temperature Range - -65°F to 550°F • Diameter Range (Inches I.D.) - 3.00-18.00 Inch I.D. • Standard Length - 25 Feet • I.D. Tolerances (Inches) - -0.00 to +0.125 Inch
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