Emerson Process Management today introduced a new generation of high temperature sensors designed specifically for increased sensor life and greater performance in elevated temperature applications. The new generation PERpH-X™ line of Rosemount® Analytical Models 3300HT and 3400HT high temperature pH sensors perform longer in temperatures up to 145*C (293*F). The Models 3300HT and 3400HT are the first releases of an entirely new sensor platform with specialized design features that include the following. - AccuGlass™ pH glass formulations resist cracking and maintain near theoretical response even at extreme pH values and after exposure to very high temperature applications. These new formulations require less frequent calibration and increased sensor life. - Improved double junction reference that can be refilled for extreme applications that may deplete reference electrolyte, a common problem in elevated temperature applications that can coat, foul or produce large measurement offsets. - Replaceable Teflon® reference junction to control electrolyte flow in dirty or oily applications. - Chemically resistant Ryton™ body contained in a titanium sensor tube for resistance to high temperature and pressures. “The innovative new design behind the new generation high temperature PERpH-X sensors Models 3300HT and 3400HT establishes a new benchmark for performance and life in elevated temperature environments. Testing at 145°C indicated that the PERpH-X outperformed the competition in response time, sensor lifetime and accuracy. While customers will seldom need to use the sensors at these levels, we wanted to demonstrate the significant long life potential of these new sensors in real-world applications, such as pulp and paper and chemical processing,” commented John Wright, vice president of marketing, Rosemount Analytical Liquid Division of Emerson Process Management. “Over the last 65 years, Emerson has consistently offered new standards in long life, high performance, low maintenance, and high accuracy analysis equipment. Our new generation of high temperature sensors perform longer than previous technologies in elevated temperatures, offering further proof of Emerson’s technology leadership.” The Models 3300HT and 3400HT are recommended for use, not only at high temperatures, but also in harsh, dirty and abrasive applications such as lime slurry, paper machine headbox, pigments and dyes, and other applications where suspended solids are present. They feature pressure/temperature ratings of 100 psig at 145*C or 250 psig at 100*C. The sensors come with several mounting and cabling options, including Variopol connectors. The Model 3400HT retractable design allows for the sensor to be removed from the process for calibration and maintenance without process shutdown. The Model 3300HT insertion/submersion design allows for variable insertion depths and simple sensor removal without cable twisting. The PERpH-X sensors allow continuous measurement of diagnostics to indicate when cleaning or sensor replacement is necessary. The Rosemount Analytical liquid measurement technology is a key component of Emerson’s PlantWeb® digital plant architecture that delivers operating efficiency improvement.


• HT DESIGN PROVIDES INCREASED SENSOR LIFE when used in elevated temperatures, fouling, coating and poisoning applications. • PRESSURE/TEMPERATURE RATINGS of 100 psig (790 kPa [abs]) at 145°C (293°F) or 250 psig (1825 kPa [abs]) at 100°C (212°F) for all four models. • SEVERAL MOUNTING AND CABLING OPTIONS including VP connector • LONG LASTING rebuildable reference
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