High-Temperature Resistant Durable Labels


Perfect for all electrical and electronic applications, CILS-9900 high-performance computer printable labels feature a permanent high-strength adhesion during extreme temperatures up to +388°C, providing the ultimate heat-resistant product identification solution - fully conformable to environmental legislation
(RoHS, REACH, WEE etc).

Printable straight from a standard Laser, Inkjet or Thermal Transfer printer, variable data can be added ‘in-minutes’, perfect for ‘on-demand’ or mass batch label printing.

The unique CILS heat-resistant computer printable coating ensures printed data remains clear and legible during long-term high-temperature exposure (+388°C), chemicals/solvents (IPA, alkalines,acetone etc), cleaning agents, abrasion etc.


  • permanent high-strength adhesion
  • variable data can be added ‘in-minutes’
  • heat-resistant computer printable coating
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