TURCK introduces new high temperature sensors that operate at up to 250° C (482° F), and provide the longest sensing range of their type in the industry. These devices feature a separate sensing head assembly and electronic amplifier assembly to facilitate quick, cost-effective installation and maintenance. Sensors used in high temperature applications have a shorter lifetime, typically 2000 hours, due to environmental conditions. TURCK’s CQ40 and CQ80 high temperature sensors are the first in the industry to incorporate a sensing head separate from the electronic amplifier assembly. Therefore, when the unit needs replacement, only the sensing head exposed to the high temperature environment will need to be replaced. TURCK’s high temperature sensors give you the freedom to replace only part of the sensor instead of the entire unit, significantly reducing operating costs, while lessening maintenance down time. CQ40 and CQ80 sensors provide 40 and 80 mm sensing ranges, respectively; the furthest in the industry for high-temperature sensors. These sensors are ideal for extremely high temperatures and heat intensive operations, like those found in drying and curing ovens in automotive painting systems, food and beverage, and metal processing applications. The sensors are interconnected with standard M12 eurofast® quick-disconnects utilizing Teflon cables encased by an aluminum sleeve to prevent contamination of automotive painting systems.
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