High Torque Cable Tie Installation Tool


Hayata of North America, Ltd. has announced the introduction of the BT11000 QuickTie™ cable tie installation tool. This innovative tool represents the most productive method available for installing cable ties. The BT11000 tool, along with Hayata roller ball and ladder style cable ties, offers a reliable and secure option for cable restraining and bundling. The portable five lbs BT11000 delivers 550 lbs of torque, more than any other tool of its kind. The high torque provides uniform tension on all ties, allowing for consistent installation. The QuickTie also includes a new longer-lasting battery that can be fully recharged in 30 minutes. This batter also features a two year warranty. Produced with productivity and speed in mind, the BT11000 is able to work seamlessly with Hayata ties of all widths, in a number of applications. Hayata ties and installation tooling are used in a variety of industries, including offshore and marine construction, general and utility, automotive, petroleum and chemical, fire protection, communication, aerospace, and nuclear power.


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