High-Torque CG Gearmotor


Bodine Electric Company has upgraded and expanded its Type-CG variable speed AC inverter-duty and permanent magnet DC gearmotors. The CG gearmotors are designed for applications such as heavy-duty conveyor systems, medical equipment, food processing and factory automation, where long life and high load capacity are critical.The CG gearhead is paired with Bodine’s most powerful variable speed electric motors, the 48R6, AC inverter-duty, and 42A7 permanent magnet DC motors. This integral gearmotor design allows the CG to deliver up to 1,000 lb-in. of torque, which is nearly twice the torque of any previous Bodine product. The CG gearmotor features a solid, aluminum cast gearhousing. It can be face-mounted in virtually any position, or mounted with a rigid base. Extra heavy-duty bearings and seals provide reliable operation and long life. Inside the gearhead three-stage, selectively hardened gearing and high performance lubricant insure quiet operation and high output torque. New DC accessory-ready models can be fitted with encoders, other feedback devices, or brakes.
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