High Volume – Low Speed Fan


AltAir™ HVLS fans are High Volume – Low Speed (HVLS) industrial ceiling fans are 9 to 15 feet
in diameter, have small, highly energy efficient motors, and are used for cooling, heat de-stratification, ventilation, and as alternatives to
air conditioning in large facilities. AltAir HVLS fans reduce energy costs and environmental stress, while enhancing comfort and productivity.
Mr. Caruso, the former President and CEO of MacroAir Technologies LLC, says his company will market, sell and distribute AirMotion AltAir
HVLS fans throughout the US and abroad. “My goal from the outset was to design a better HVLS fan, and we are excited to finally introduce
the next generation of product development to the market,” he says. “Having learned a lot about this relatively new and exciting product
category, I have been fortunate to assemble a brilliant engineering team to help us make a big leap forward in air movement technology.
Our mission is to bring products that significantly reduce large facility energy costs while enhancing comfort and productivity inside these
facilities. Through innovation, experience, and know-how we plan to be leaders in the industry bringing the best in design, production, and
service to our customers.”
The revolutionary AltAir fan design and technology, namely the Variable Pitch Technology (VPT™), Rotatair™ composite blades, and
a carefully engineered application of VFD (variable frequency drive) capability, all significantly advance the functionality of HVLS fans. By
adjusting the blade pitch 0 to 20 degrees up or down, coupled with varying fan speed, users have better control over the air they move – a
feature AirMotion calls, Adjustable Air Movement. When three or more AltAir HVLS fans are arranged in an array, they allow for
Complete Facility Movement of Air, a capability exclusive to AirMotion Sciences.
“Though highly sophisticated, AirMotion AltAir HVLS fans are simple to install, operate and maintain. Our VPT capability allows enormous
flexibility at one’s fingertips in how and where air can be moved within a facility to provide comfort and reduce energy usage,” says Joe
Madsen, AirMotions’s VP of Engineering. Emphasizing energy cost savings, improved productivity, and green benefits, the AltAir HVLS fans
are the culmination of Mr. Caruso’s knowledge of HVLS fan technology, understanding of industry needs, and the skills of a highly qualified
engineering team led by Mr. Madsen.
Looking forward to the growth of AirMotion Sciences, Inc. and the market penetration of AltAir HVLS fans, Mr. Caruso states, “We are excited
about the possibilities. We think that in working together with our customers we can all do well while also doing good. By bringing the
next generation of HVLS fans to market, followed by other product innovations, we hope we will leave the world a better place for future
generations.” With energy savings, rapid payback, and green initiatives at the foundation of the company, AirMotion Sciences, Inc. benefits
its customers as well as the environment at large.


• Number of blades: 6 Rotatair™ Composite blades • Motor: One 1.5hp energy efficient motor • Fan Speed: 20 RPM (min) to 120 RPM (max) • Cubic Feet per Minute: 340,000 at 90 RPM and 20° Pitch (Actual CFM depends on RPM and Pitch Angle of operation) • Variable Pitch (VPT™): 0°-20° up or down controlled by user. • Approximate Fan Weight: 250 lbs. including mounting apparatus • Power sources: Designed to work with all power sources (including 120V single phase) • Effective Coverage Area: Up to 20,000 sq ft or more (depending on RPM and Pitch Angle) • Recommended Spacing: Up to 90 feet or more between fans • (depending on RPM, Pitch Angle, and air movement objectives) • Minimum Height: Top of unit 1 to 3 feet below ceiling, blades must be 10 feet above floor. • Variable Frequency Drive controls fan speed (from 20 to 120 RPM)
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