Elmo Motion Control, Inc. announced the introduction of the Didge as the latest addition to its SimplIQ digital servo drive product family. Available in 3 models, the Didge provides up to 6 Amps of continuous output power and 12 Amps of peak power in a metal, non-ventilated industrial assembly. Elmo's Didge operates in current, velocity, position or advanced position modes for AC/DC brushless or brush motors, linear motors or voice coils. Additionally, it operates in trapezoidal or sinusoidal commutation with vector control as a stand alone unit or as part of a distributed multi-axis system in a real-time network. Elmo's Didge offers OEMs a highly cost effective solution. In addition to a wide variety of features, the Didge can be easily set up and tuned. User's can also use Elmo's Composer software suite for rapid drive configuration for optimized integration of the motor. The Didge does not require additional modules for feedbacks and filters to comply with EMV-standards. As part of Elmo's SimplIQ product family, the Didge features a wide variety of feedback options including incremental encoder, hall sensor, tachometer, potentiometer, resolver, and interpolated SIN/COS Encoder. It also contains the same firmware as the other SimplIQ digital drives and is, therefore, compatible with all of Elmo's existing, comprehensive software tools.


• Maximum supply voltage VDC – 40 • Nominal supply voltage VDC – 170 • Maximum supply voltage VDC – 195 • Efficiency at rated power (at nominal conditions) % - > 97 • Maximum output voltage - 97% of DC bus voltage at f=22 kHz • Auxiliary supply voltage VDC - 24 ± 20% • Auxiliary power supply VA - 12
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