HMC-500H Horizontal Machining Center


Lorain, Ohio, July 14, 2006 – Shops wanting high speed, rigidity, and precision in a competitively priced horizontal machining center should take a look at the HMC-500H by Johnford. Absolute Machine Tools, Inc. offers this 50 taper HMC, which has been designed to meet today’s heavy duty, high accuracy machining requirements. Key to the 24,200 lb machine’s performance is its box-in-box structure, which delivers high performance and rigidity. In addition, the HMC-500H sports features not found on competitive machines at any price, including Schneeberger roller type linear ways on all axes, large diameter pre-tensioned ballscrews, and a state-of-the-art spindle for excellent finishes.

The HMC-500H’s moving saddle design employs a box-in-box construction that keeps the spindle movement confined inside a “box” shaped column casting. This configuration greatly reduces moving mass versus a moving column design and allows faster acceleration and faster rapid rates. The design also promotes thermal symmetry to eliminate thermal distortion.

Rugged Schneeberger roller type linear slide ways, large pre-tensioned ballscrews, and large Fanuc servo motors ensure high speed rapid traverses and heavy duty cutting capabilities. Pre-tensioning of the ballscrews virtually eliminates thermal expansion of the screws for superior accuracy. Rapid traverse rates are 1575 IPM in all axes. The Y axis features a stationary screw/rotating ball nut design to eliminate vibration and keep the ballscrew on the spindle centerline.

A standard 3.54” (90 mm) diameter spindle is directly coupled to a Fanuc spindle motor. Direct driving the spindle greatly reduces vibration and minimizes spindle acceleration and deceleration times for fast chip-to-chip times. The spindle produces 35 HP and 260 ft-lb of torque at 500 RPM for high performance at virtually any spindle speed. The 10,000 RPM CAT-50 spindle is oil cooled to minimize thermal growth. An optional Weiss 15,000 RPM HSK-100A integral spindle with 56 HP and 300 ft-lb of torque at 1,000 RPM is also available.

The HMC-500H’s 60 station arm-type automatic tool changer provides fast, reliable tool selection. The ATC exchanges tools in only 3.5 seconds. The ATC is a bi-directional random, shortest path.

The rotary type APC unit is standard with 2 rectangular pallets (630mm x 500mm) and 0.001 degree 4th axis contouring ability. The 4th axis unit employs a precision worm gear and worm wheel for accuracy and repeatability. The pallet change time is only 10 seconds. Optional 6 or 12 pallet pools are also available.

An impressive list of standard equipment includes high pressure coolant through the spindle, high pressure flood coolant, coolant shower, 2 pallet APC, 60 tool ATC, 0.001 degree 4th axis index table, spindle cooler, rigid tapping, and a complete chip removal system with conveyors.

A Fanuc 18iM-B control with NANO technology ensures programming power, ease of operation, fast processing rates, and high precision. With the optional Fanuc AI NANO HPCC function, the 18iM-B becomes the world’s fastest control for cutting 3D point-to-point programs. Ultra precision comes from the new Alpha i servo system, which employs 1,000,000 pulse per revolution encoders on the servo motors.

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