HMi04BU Operator Interface


The HMi Operator Interface is a customizable, true analog touch screen operator interface with programmable function buttons for even the most vigorous applications. This product's macro programming makes the handling of applications, storing and manipulating trends, data, and communications as well as sending data from one PLC to another, much easier. The multi-language interface is available in 4, 6, 8, and 10" models with a blue mode, grayscale or color screen version as well as a 10-level password protection option. The HMi is perfect for communicating on virtually any network with its expansive driver list, 2­-3 serial communication ports, and the expansion slot on the back of the unit connects to a parallel printer, Ethernet network or I/O modules. The HMi is ideally suited for the industrial automation industry. This product is CE and RoHS compliant. Price starts at $265
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