Hollow-Shaft Turntables Make Room for Electrical Wires


New SKF® hollow-shaft turntables ideally satisfy industrial “Lazy Susan”-type applications where electrical wires must pass through the unit. These turntables have been engineered to provide safe, smooth, and long-lasting operation for applications such as work and assembly stations, welding tables, and swivel product displays, among others.
This series of turntables is designed with shaft hole diameters of 1.25 in. to accommodate typical application-wiring demands. Units are 6.50 in. long and 2.72 in. high with the capability to handle loads up to 10,000 lbs. Cast-iron construction promotes rugged performance and turntables can be specified as lockable or non-lockable units.

The turntables mount quickly and reliably using recommended bolts or can be welded directly to fixtures. Their bottom flange fastens first with standard size bolts and top plates incorporate tapped holes for easy assembly.

All bearings in these hollow-shaft turntables are greased and sealed for life to eliminate any need for future lubrication.
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