Horizontal Balancing Machine


Schenck Trebel has introduced the Pasio 15 horizontal balancing machine for quick and precise balancing of small and medium-sized rotors with weights to 33 lb (15 kg) and maximum diameters of 13.78” (350 mm). The compact crane hook machine is equipped with energy-efficient 0.25 hp (0.2-kW) servo drives, which not only save electricity but also allow for shorter measuring cycles. Well-suited for the electric motor manufacturer, the balancing chamber of the Pasio 15 is designed completely amagnetically. With no additional investment, the user is able to reliably balance magnetic rotors such as permanent magnet motors. Optional roller inserts are available to accommodate journal diameters to 2.78” (70.6 mm). 

All functions – whether within the testing software or on the machine hardware – are clearly accessible and visible to the user at first glance. The control of the new Pasio 15 is also designed for high efficiency. The single-hand overslung belt drive makes it easy to insert the rotor. All switches and buttons are arranged for convenient access, and the measuring equipment is operated via a color touch screen with intuitive menu navigation. Depending on the requirement and range of applications, the new Pasio 15 can be fitted with Schenck Trebel’s standard CAB 820 measuring instrument or with the high-end CAB 920SmartTouch measuring instrument. 

Designed as a crane-hook machine, the Pasio 15 can be positioned close to production without difficulty. Units don’t require anchoring in the ground or calibration. This makes the new Pasio15 a very flexible balancing solution, ideal for adaptation to alternating processes in production or quality assurance. The machine frame provides vibration-dampening ten times better than grey cast iron. The Pasio 15 is CE certified, fully compliant with safety standard and machinery directive 2006/42/EG, which has been in force since 2010. The protective shroud, which is easy to handle, meets the requirements of ISO 7475 class C for protection against parts ejecting.


  • 0.25 hp (0.2-kW) servo drives
  • balance magnetic rotors
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