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Sugino Corporation, an innovative manufacturer of a diverse range of technologically advanced manufacturing equipment, is proud to introduce their Self-Center™ H15 and H15B Horizontal Machining Centers. These machines are deal for high precision milling, drilling, tapping and boring of small to medium size parts in aluminum, cast iron and carbon steel such as brake, engine and transmission components. The H15 and H15B feature BT30 high-pressure, coolant-through spindles with maximum speeds up to 15,000 RPM and 20,000 RPM, respectively.   

 Specifically designed for saving space and energy, the H15 sits within a compact 4.5’ x 9’ (1375mm x 2750mm) footprint, while the H15B is even more compact with a 3.5’ x 9’ (1020mm x 2690mm) footprint, using up to 25% less space and energy.  Additionally, these horizontal machining centers provide a work area of 11.81” x 13.78” x 13.78” (300mm x 350mm x 350mm), accommodating a weight up to 770 lbs (350kg) for the H15, and a work area of 7.87” x 7.87” x 7.87” (200mm x 200mm x 200mm), accommodating a weight up to 1100 lbs (500kg) for the H15B.  


  • peeds up to 15,000 RPM and 20,000 RPM
  •  4.5’ x 9’ (1375mm x 2750mm) footprint
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