HPX® miniature halogen lamps with enhanced ultraviolet (UV) output and increased stability


Welch Allyn Lighting Products, a premier manufacturer of high-performance lighting and technology, is now offering HPX® miniature halogen lamps with enhanced ultraviolet (UV) output and increased stability. These innovations allow HPX lamps to produce high-quality 340-nm light with total output stability as high as 99.95%, making them ideal for integration into high-precision analytical equipment.

“Our new manufacturing process virtually eliminates the drift that occurs during lamp operation,” said Doug Rutan, Welch Allyn marketing manager. “While many demanding applications require lamp output stability of 99% or even 99.5%, our enhanced-UV high-stability lamps can achieve up to 99.95%. This could ultimately allow integrators to achieve a significantly higher level of consistency and performance with their lamp-based analytical equipment.”

The improved UV lamp performance results from matching specialized materials with a new fabrication process. Available to customers on a by-request basis, these enhanced capabilities underscore the company’s long-established competency in custom design and engineering for unique applications.

Welch Allyn’s full line of HPX lamps are available in 5- and 20-watt models with output extended down to the 300- to 400-nm range while retaining full spectral output into the near IR. Based on careful component selection that allows UVA transmission, the HPX UV lamps are unique on the market today. The lamps are constructed with a hard-glass envelope to enable trouble-free handling. Bright, small, efficient and stable, these sources are enabling next-generation devices such as low-cost point-of-care and portable analytical equipment.

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