Humphrey Introduces New Compact Flat Armature Spider Valve


Humphrey Products Company has introduced a new line of compact flat armature Spider Valves offering practically frictionless movement, high life cycle and a fast response time. The valves are available in 2-way and 3-way configurations, in three sizes: 7mm, 15mm and 21mm, and are designed for insertion into a subbase or custom manifold. These valves are significantly smaller than competitive valves, and their 1/2-watt current consumption makes them ideal for a range of applications requiring a compact, low current consumption valve.

Instead of having a plunger that moves through a coil, Humphrey Spider Valves have a flat armature that is pulled against the magnetic yoke in the energized position. The flat armature is fastened together with a leaf spring that presses the integrated sealing element against the valve seat in the de-energized position. Flat armature valves have a very low- mass armature, enabling switching times in the microsecond (ms) range.


* Frictionless movement, high life cycles * Valve Size 0.276 inch * Maximum Pressure 43.51 psi * Number of Ports 3
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