Hybrid “Fit for Purpose” Packaging


Storopack, Inc. introduces hybrid packaging - a combination of different types of cushioning and void fill products to achieve optimal protective packaging while reducing costs. This proven packaging method incorporates the best attributes of both types of products including air pillows, and protective pads to achieve “fit for purpose” packaging. This provides unsurpassed cushioning whether the product is being shipped across the plant or around the world. Among the products and industries benefiting from this new approach to ‘in-the-box” packaging include automotive windshields, gift baskets, Venetian blinds, industrial products, wine baskets, power tools, and more. “The same packaging material is not ideally suited for each carton that a company ships,” says Steve Sobel, “so we combine the best characteristics from a number of products. Paper is great for void fill but does not cushion as well as protective pads. Air pillows are ideal for block and brace, but protective pads yield better shock protection. Combining all of these means customers can eliminate virtually all of their custom packaging - to save both time and money.” Companies that have switched to hybrid packaging report faster packing times. A Venetian blind manufacturer reduced their per-piece packaging time from 2 minutes to 45 seconds. This efficiency allows them to ship more packagers per year, and lead them to standardize on a single carton size (eliminating multiple sizes). Damage claims have been virtually eliminated with the adoption of fit-for-purpose packaging. Hybrid packaging eliminates costly misapplication of packaging materials by putting protection only where it is needed. This allows shippers to save on materials, handling and shipping. Technologies available for hybrid packaging include Storopack AIRplus® air pillows, air tubes and bubble-type cushioning, PAPERplus® paper cushioning, and PAD LOC™ moldable protective pads. For environmentally sensitive applications, PAD LOC™ Natural – which is completely biodegradable - is available. Additional information is contained in the Gift Basket Fact Sheet available form Storopack.
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