Hydraulic Fluid Filter Cart


Schroeder Industries introduces its Auto Flush Filter Cart (AFM) for staged particulate or water/particulate removal from hydraulic fluid. The user-friendly AFM comes complete with the Schroeder TestMate Contamination Monitor‚ (TCM), making it easy for users to continuously monitor ISO levels in real time. A Siemens PLC provides an easy-to-use operator interface. An RS-232 port allows data to be downloaded to a PC. The AFM cart can run in either automatic or manual mode. After the fluid passes through two top-loading K-size filters, the TCM samples the fluid exiting the pump discharge and displays the ISO contamination codes on the control panel. In automatic mode, the AFM monitor allows users to input desired cleanliness codes. Once the ISO code is reached, the pump will automatically stop and an indicator light will activate signaling that the desired cleanliness has been attained. When in manual mode, the system will run continuously while displaying ISO contamination codes. Other options include a variable frequency drive and a water sensor, which provides water saturation and temperature readings.
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