Hygienic ThermoDrive Vertical Scoop Belting Option


It’s truly the best of both worlds.
Dorner Manufacturing is now offering a new belting system for its AquaPruf family of sanitary conveyors to better accommodate customer demands, while further reducing conveyor downtime for cleaning at change over or during sanitation.
The new ThermoDrive? Sprocket Driven Hygienic Vertical Scoop Belting now offered on Dorner’s AquaPruf family of sanitary conveyors, uses 55 percent less water during cleaning in comparison to other competing belts. Using less water reduces customers’ energy consumption for sanitation and speeds up cleaning time.
Aiding in sanitation is the belt’s design — a homogenous thermoplastic composition with no pins, hinges or link joints to catch and foster bacteria growth. Engineered solely for food and other applications calling for a high degree of sanitation, the ThermoDrive Sprocket Driven Hygienic Vertical Scoop Belt greatly reduces in-process bacteria proliferation, while in-place cleaning is completed in just a fraction of the time required for competing belts not to mention the reduced drying time.
The AquaPruf family of sanitary conveyors are engineered for fast and effective sanitation in the most demanding environments, including ready-to-eat foods, raw protein (meat, poultry and fish), dairy and other environments with high-pressure sanitation requirements.  Engineered to have the fastest cleaning times in the industry, AquaPruf conveyors can be disassembled for cleaning, without tools, in only 30 seconds. Using AquaPruf sanitary conveyors with enhanced controls and system capabilities means less equipment downtime for cleaning and a higher return-on-investment for customers.
Advantages of AquaPruf conveyors featuring the new ThermoDrive Sprocket Driven Hygienic Vertical Scoop Belting include:
•    Tool-less tip-up pulley for quick release of belt tension and fast cleaning
•    Tool-less disassembly for fast cleaning
•    Stainless steel gear motor located outside food zone
•    Frame cutouts for continuous access to the inside of the conveyor
•    400 Series stainless steel bearings filled with H1 FDA lubricant and mounted in cast stainless steel housings for maximum performance in washdown environments
•    Loads up to 20 pounds per square foot of belt
•    Lengths between 3 and 40 feet
•    Widths up to 2 feet  
•    Speeds up to 233 feet per minute

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