Illuminated Miniature Rocker Switches


NKK Switches announces the availability of the CWS Series  of full-face illuminated miniature rocker switches. CWS Series devices are ideal for compact or crowded designs requiring illuminated switches at a low cost. Available with red, green or amber illumination, these switches are also configurable with either LED (CWSC) or neon (CWSB) lighting. The CWS Series’ snap-in mount capability also ensures labor saving installation.
These compact rockers are rated 9A @ 125V AC for resistive loads. The LED illuminated CWSC has an additional rating of 6A @ 250V AC. The neon illuminated CWSB versions also offer a built-in resistor for direct connection to the AC power source. The offset terminal alignment on both versions gives outstanding insulation resistance and dielectric strength.
CWSB versions are offered in DPST and CWSC versions can be specified as SPST or DPST circuit configurations. Both series have snap-acting contact mechanisms to deliver smooth actuation and audible feedback.

 Terminals are combination solder lug and quick connect, and can be used with connectors to facilitate wiring. The panel cutout for CWS Series devices is 12.9mm x 19.2mm. Housings are black and ON-OFF symbols (I-O) are molded into the bezels.
High reliability is ensured with a stable stationary contact construction. The quick-make, quick-break characteristics of both versions limits arcing, extending electrical life to 10,000 operations minimum. Mechanical life is 30,000 operations minimum.
All models are UL Recognized. Standard approval marking on CSWB is UL and CSA. Standard approval marking on CWSC is cULus.


  • ideal for compact or crowded designs
  • rated 9A @ 125V AC for resistive loads
  • have snap-acting contact mechanisms
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