Illuminated Pushbutton Switches with Custom Snap-On Caps


C&K Components, a leading international
supplier of tact switches, toggle, rocker and pushbutton switches,
and smart card interconnect devices, has developed a family of
right-angle illuminated pushbutton switches. Designated the ELUM(TM)
Series, the switches are available with or without LEDs and feature
custom snap-on caps. The pushbutton switches are designed to eliminate
the need for a separate LED and light pipe on a printed circuit board.

"The ELUM Series devices are one of the only pushbutton switches
designed so the LED travels with the actuator, ensuring even
distribution of light," said David Webber, worldwide product manager
for C&K Components. "The compact design of the ELUM switches also
saves space on the PC board, enabling product miniaturization and
greater on-board functionality."

The ELUM Series switches feature a low 6mm profile, are available in
through-hole and surface mount configurations, and copper alloy,
silver-plated with gold flash that provide reliable self-cleaning
contacts. Ratings range from 0.01mA to 250mA and from 20mV to 50VDC.
The latching version (push-push) can be specified for switching
functions such as mode select and power on/off, while the momentary
version is ideal for test, reset and notification functions.

ELUM(TM) Series switches are RoHS-compliant and compatible with
high-speed reflow soldering processes.  The 30,000 cycle life
expectancy makes the pushbutton devices ideal for telecom, industrial,
medical, automotive and consumer electronics applications.

Recently three different style caps for the ELUM Series pushbutton
switches were developed. The 957C Series cap is a high temperature
black cap that can be installed at the factory or as a secondary
operation after the switch has been soldered to the board. The 957C
Series caps are capable of withstanding RoHS solder profiles. Both 181D
Series caps are constructed with clear polycarbonate material and paint
and laser etched, making the cap easily customized. The 181D01000
versions are also paint and laser etched, but features a white paint
underlay for increased visibility if the LED is not illuminated.


Materials • FIXED CONTACTS AND TERMINALS: Stainless steel, silver plated with gold flash (std.) • MOVABLE CONTACTS: Copper alloy, silver plated with gold flash (std.) • BASE: Glass filled LCP (UL94V-0) • ACTUATOR: Glass filled nylon 4/6 (UL94V-0) • COVER: Stainless steel Electrical • MAXIMUM POWER: 3.5 VA • MIN./MAX. VOLTAGE: 20 mV – 50 VDC • MIN./MAX. CURRENT: 0.01 mA – 250 mA • DIELECTRIC STRENGTH: ≥ 250 Vrms • CONTACT RESISTANCE: ≤ 50 mΩ • INSULATION RESISTANCE: ≥ 109 Ω • BOUNCE TIME: ≤1 ms • LED specifications: See page A-5 Mechanical • OPERATING FORCE: 2.5 N at Full Travel • SWITCHING TRAVEL: .067" (1.7 mm) • LATCH TRAVEL: .131" (3.6 mm) • FULL TRAVEL: .200" (5.1 m) Operating Environment • OPERATING TEMPERATURE: -40˚C TO 80˚C. • STORAGE TEMPERATURE: -40˚C TO 80˚C. • RELATIVE HUMIDITY: 90% R.H. @ 80˚C. • OPERATING LIFE: 30,000 Cycles. • VIBRATION: Per EIA 186-E Method • MECHANICAL SHOCK: Per EIA 186-E Method 12. • OVERLOAD: Withstands 40 N for 1 minute without damage Process Environment • SOLDERABILITY: According to Mil STD 202F Method 208D or EIA RS-186E Method 9. • LEAD FREE PROCESS COMPATIBLE: 260˚C peak, 10 seconds Max. above 250º C. • WASHING PROCESS: No clean process compatible (SMT) Bottom wash compatible (Thru-hole) • SHEAR TEST (SWITCH/PCB): > 40 N
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