ImpacDor® offers Low Maintenance Features


The new Aleco ImpacDor® HD-175 is an attractive, rugged, single piece polyethylene molded door that features stainless steel hinges and mounting hardware for high performance and low maintenance, making it a suitable choice for use in industrial plants, food processing plants, pharmaceutical and medical facilities, retail stores, supermarkets and walk-in coolers.
The HD-175’s monolithic, rotationally molded panels resist moisture, chemicals, dust, bending and torque.  It’s 50% greater shell thickness toward the spine and leading edges maintains strength and resists fatigue from cart and lift truck impacts.  In addition, a steel tube strengthens and stabilizes the spine edge and an injection of urethane foam adds rigidity and dampens noise. The ImpacDor HD-175 has a unique 250 degree helical hinge and precision aluminum follower that allows the door to swing in both directions, distributing the load evenly and eliminating the use of roller bearings. A choice of decorative colors, molded polyethylene bumpers from 12” to 48”, vision panels in various sizes and styles and a wash down package add to the versatility of the HD-175. Transom panels are available for doors larger than 8’ high.
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