Impact Wrench


Model 2135TiMAX impact wrench, an innovative successor to the popular 1/2" pneumatic model, features maximum power, control and reliability.

“The 2135Ti has always been well-received by our industrial and assembly customers,” said Matt Nuijens, Ingersoll Rand national industrial supply manager for the Americas. “The new model builds on this platform and offers even better features for industrial, MRO and assembly technicians.”

The 2135TiMAX delivers maximum power with 780 foot-pounds of reverse torque and 1,100 foot-pounds of nut-busting torque. With more than 10 percent added torque over the original model, the new Impactool still weighs only 3.95 pounds. It’s ideal for extended usage and highly repetitive applications, delivering the best power-to-weight ratio in its class and less operator fatigue. The tool’s twin-hammer mechanism delivers more power per pound, and is less sensitive to air pressure fluctuations than any other design.

The new model has also been re-engineered for maximum control. Its feather-touch trigger and patented power regulator with enhanced settings help operators ensure they don’t overtorque critical joints. Patented one-handed forward-reverse controls allow operators to conveniently switch between tasks or applications.  

Ingersoll Rand also now offers maximum reliability to tool operators with a free two-year extended warranty with tool registration on the 2135TiMAX. The new model features optimized airflow for greater tool efficiency and maximum performance. With less air consumption than competitive models, the 2135TiMAX has a lower cost of ownership and less downtime. For added durability the tools feature Titanium hammer cases, hardcoat anodized end plates and both proprietary metallurgy and heat treatment processes.


* 780 ft-lb MAX reverse torque and weighing less than 4 lb, that's best power-to-weight ratio in it's class * The original, perfected twin-hammer mechanism utilizes proprietary advanced metalurgy * Hard coat anodized end plate stands up to the toughest jobs * Optimized air flow ensures maximum performance * Feather touch trigger enables impressive control * Patented four-position power regulator dial for MAX control * Patented one-hand forward/reverse for easy operation * Free two-year limited warranty with tool registration
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