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Ingersoll Rand has added a new line of compact impact wrenches to their IQV20 Series cordless tools line. The W5001 Series 20V mid-torque Impactools are durable enough to withstand the repetitive operations and high cycles commonly found in the manufacturing, white goods, truck and bus assembly markets.  The W5001 Series tools are available in three sizes: 1/4ʺ hex quick change and 3/8" and 1/2" square drives with pin retainers. The W5001 Series tools are lightweight, measure 6″ from tip to tail and boast 190 ft-lb of torque to deliver the right amount of power in tight spaces. These compact tools are ideal for fastening body panels, interior trims and engine compartment components on the assembly line.  Industrial tools require high-duty cycle durability in rigorous assembly and manufacturing applications. 

The internal brushes that protect the motor from debris are often one of the first components to wear out from repetitive use. The motors on the W5001 Series tools are built with easy-to-replace brushes to extend the tool’s usable life.  The W5001 Series tools are constructed with a steel-lined aluminum hammer case to protect the internal components and a patented metal reinforced housing case that enables the tools to survive repeated drops. These durable casings also protect the tool from many of the fluids and chemicals commonly found in the manufacturing environment.  The lithium-ion battery that powers the W5001 Series is compatible with the other 3.0 Ah IQV20 Series tools — used for non-precision applications — and the QX Series cordless assembly tools — best for precision fastening needs. The interchangeable battery platform allows plant managers to purchase the entire tool suite for the assembly line, makes it easy to share batteries and chargers, and enables workers to have fully charged batteries on hand to increase uptime. 


  • available in three sizes
  • lithium-ion battery
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