Improve performance with the right compressed air filtration


Consistent Air Quality!
Improve performance with the right compressed air filtration

All compressed air systems contain contaminants. Whether you need to remove water droplets, dust and dirt, oils, or hydrocarbon mist and vapors, Kaeser Compressors has a complete line of high quality compressed air filters to meet even the most stringent air requirements.

Available in sizes from 20 scfm to 21,250 scfm, Kaeser filters are easy to install in any air system and are designed for easy operation and maintenance. A 96+% void space provides larger flow area and minimizes pressure drop, while maintaining high capture rates and filtration efficiencies across a wide flow range. The result? Superior air quality while minimizing operating costs.

Don’t let contamination rob your system of efficiency and reliability. For shop air, instrument air, or even breathing air, Kaeser has the compressed air filters to keep your product and equipment free of compressed air contaminants.
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