Improved Design Improves Safety and Maximizes Slab and Shear


Paper, paperboard and containerboard mills use this tool for primarily two reasons. Either paper and paperboard is slabbed off large parent rolls for various quality issues and sent back to the re-pulper. Or, after all the sellable paper on the parent roll is slit and rewound into narrower rolls for shipping and storage, the “left-on-spool” paper needs to be stripped off before the reel heads back to the paper machine.

Whenever fixed or retractable blade razor knives are used, the potential for serious cuts and accidental wounds to hands and fingers mount quickly. In fact few mills condone steel-bladed razor knives in these applications. And most mills are seeking a safer alternative.

Four design features combine to optimize the performance of the Duckbill Paper Slabber.

First: The flat tapered inserter nose targets and accelerates the process of selecting only the optimum number of plies that can be slabbed off in one pass. Second: The wide, smooth bottom generates a hydroplaning effect across the face of the roll insuring a smooth glide path and no digging, scoring or marking. Third: The shearing ridge running along the spine of the leading edge snaps open the selected wrap or wraps and contributes to the burst effect of a tightly wound reel of paperboard, containerboard or paper. And fourth: The tools contoured shoulder and horizontal finger grips provide the ergonomic control and comfort that a vertical pistol grip isn’t designed to provide.

The Duckbill Paper Slabber is not plastic. It’s constructed using a proprietary high-grade composite of high temperature engineered thermoplastic and fiberglass. And so, the tool’s melting point is 480°F far above that of plastic. The other major advantage of the material of construction is the weight and heft of the tool. With a specific density of 1.38, the tool poses no threat to plastic contamination, and, because of its density, it can be machined when, after repeated use, it loses its edge.
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