Improved Power Pusher®


NuStar, Inc. introduces the new and improved Power Pusher® pedestrian-operated, battery-powered pusher. The Power Pusher is designed to allow one person to move wheeled loads weighing up to 50,000 lbs. up a 5% grade without forklifts or other more expensive ride-on equipment. . It increases productivity by reducing the number of employees needed to move heavy objects. It also creates a safer work environment by reducing the risk of injury. They are less expensive and easier to store than forklifts or tractors, plus operators do not need a license. You can rent or buy them.

The Power Pusher has variable speed with soft touch control. It has automatic braking and is anti-runaway. A 24V 10-amp charger is built right in. Simply plug it in to recharge the battery. The fully programmable control system lets you set acceleration/deceleration limits. The transaxle design lets the unit operate smoothly on uneven surfaces, indoors or out. They are easy to operate and maintain.

Invented in the 1960s for pushing immobilized vehicles, the Power Pusher is an ideal choice for many harsh and hazardous situations where you need to push or pull wheeled loads. Industries using the Power Pusher include railroad, construction, utilities, heavy machinery, automotive, trucking, paper, hospitals and other manufacturing sites. One person can maneuver and move heavy cars, carts, machinery, instruments, hospital beds, trolleys, racks, drums, pallets, containers and more. The soft touch control allows smooth and accurate maneuvering so even delicate breakable loads move easily and safely.

Reduce the risk of back injury while improving your productivity. Let us show you how the Power Pusher can pay for itself in less than year. 

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