Incremental Wire Draw Encoder


Incremental Wire Draw Encoder Provides Precise Linear Position or Distance Information in Lengths to 5 m SICK STEGMANN, INC. introduces PKS Incremental Wire Draw Encoders. This wire draw system is a compact workhorse that provides precise linear position or distance information for paths up to 5 m in length with repeatability to ± 3 measuring steps at speeds to 3.5 m/sec. PKS wire draw encoders include an integrated incremental encoder to reduce the overall size of the unit. They are available with a TTL interface and are well suited for applications such as presses, punching and injection machines, storage technology, wood and sheet metal processing machines, machinery construction and medical technology, among others. The principle of operation is simple and effective. The PKS system counts the number of drum rotations, which is proportional to the length, and converts those to a measurement signal. That signal provides high resolution position or distance information even under difficult mounting positions.


• Resolution: 0.05 mm • Reproducibility: ±3 measuring step • Measuring Length/Speed: 2m and 5 m, 3.5 m/sec • Interface: SSI • Operating Voltage:: 12...30V • Protection Class: IP52 • Electrical Connections: SSI: M23 12-pin connector
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