Indoor Mass Notification System Strengthens Communications


Indoor safety is a major concern for all industrial and commercial businesses. To meet this concern, Federal Signal is pleased to introduce its new indoor mass notification system, the UltraVoice™ Indoor Controller. The UVIC is an off-the-shelf remote terminal unit specifically engineered to deliver clean, clear, amplified audio to a network of speakers (sold separately). Sound output levels can be easily regulated using its distinctive PC-based volume control feature. It is housed in a single NEMA1 style cabinet, with provisions for up to two 400 watt amplifiers (sold separately). Each controller requires 120VAC and contains two sealed lead-acid batteries providing over 30 minutes of operation in the event of a power loss.

The UVIC can also deliver a convenient solution to the indoor/outdoor notification requirement by using live public address and alarm-specific pre-recorded messages. When combined with additional Federal Signal signaling products, it provides a complete, wireless communication solution. You'll be able to notify personnel both indoors and outdoors through a facility without the need for separate systems.

It can be land-line or radio-controlled from a remote location. Public address is available from the supplied microphone located inside the controller. If radio control of the UVIC is desired, an optional Federal Signal Encoder and base station radio must be added.
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