IndraDrive Fc from Bosch Rexroth


The IndraDrive Fc from Bosch Rexroth is suitable for almost all simple drive requirements using three-phase induction motors. It can be installed without a PC using two different operator modules. The Standard version supports parameter-focused operation while the Deluxe version’s start-up has a six-language clear text display with no need for documentation. Its intelligent motor identification makes start-up even easier and ensures optimum operation of the motor. On top of this, DriveTop Fc, the established software start-up tool providing offline parameterization and enabling communication with up to 31 IndraDrive Fc units simultaneously is also available. For drive optimization, an integrated oscilloscope is available. Plug-in control terminals speed up the installation of the new Standard converters, which can – thanks to their clever design – be arranged directly in succession to save space. With its modular functionality, this new series of converters communicates at all levels of automation and opens up a choice of Profibus, CANopen and DeviceNet. These compact converters operate in linear V/f characteristic curve or sensor-less current vector control modes. The user can switch online between four parameter sets as well as using PID and process controllers. An integrated EMC filter and extensive monitoring functions for input voltage, output voltage, and motor temperature reduce downtime and provide for safe motor operation. An integrated brake chopper and brake control are also supplied with this series. The IndraDrive Fc is available in two voltage classes: 1/3 x AC 200 to 230 V and 3 x AC 400 to 480 V with an output frequency of 0 – 400 Hz. Its significant overload capacity and adjustable pulse frequency of 3 - 16 kHz provide the performance you need at all times.
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