Industrial Automation Cables


Alpha Wire Company today launched its Industrial Automation family of high-performance cables. The Company’s new family of products is designed to deliver industry-leading quality, exceptional reliability, and the performance to meet the rigorous requirements of the major automation communication architectures. “Alpha Wire’s wealth of cable experience means that we understand the challenges faced by engineers and manufacturers when designing and installing factory automation,” said Mike Dugar, Senior Product Manager at Alpha Wire. “Whether the application is automated production machinery or a complex factory network, the Industrial Automation cable family offers a number of advantages, such as small put-ups to support large and small projects, quick delivery for immediate needs, a complete family of products to simplify sourcing, and superior quality to improve system reliability.” The Company’s new Industrial Automation product line consists of five categories. · ControlNet. A low-loss RG-6/U 75-ohm coaxial cable designed to meet the high-speed, time-critical requirements necessary for today’s ControlNet factory-floor automation systems. With a double braid/foil shielding for maximum signal integrity and run length, the cable is fully tested to meet the requirements of the ControlNet physical layer specification and comply with Allen-Bradley 1786. RS-485. Available in one to four pairs, Alpha Wire’s rugged RS-485 cables use a braid/foil shield to reduce electrical noise sensitivity and maintain reliability and performance. Meeting UL PLTC flammability requirements and CM listed, the sunlight-resistant cables are suited to Class 1 Division 2 locations per NEC Article 501. DeviceNet – Alpha Wire DeviceNet cables integrate power and data into a single, rugged two-pair cable with 15 AWG stranded conductors for power and 18 AWG for signals. Available for ODVA thick and thin trunks, the cables support data rates of 500 kb/s at 100 m and 125 kb/s at 500 m and reduce installation costs compared with traditional “home run” wiring practices help. The cables comply with Allen-Bradley part numbers 1485 CPI-A and 1485 CPI-C. Fieldbus and PROFIBUS – Offering a complete family of cables to meet the ruggedness, performance, and quality requirements of virtually all Fieldbus and PROFIBUS environments, cables are available in 100-ohm impedance for Types A and B Fieldbus and 150-ohm impedance for High-Speed Fieldbus and PROFIBUS DP. Suitable for use in Class 1 Division 2 locations per NEC Article 502, the cables also comply with IEC 61158 for industrial control systems. · Industrial Twinax – A UL Type TC cable intended for use in trays and conduits also containing 600-V power cables, the cable meets the requirements of Allen-Bradley Data Highway Networks.
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