Industrial Strength Degreaser with Odor Control


Consume Micro-Muscle offers users the following benefits:

•    Quickly penetrates and digests petroleum-based soils including: motor oil, hydraulic
       fluid, stamping oils, and lubricants.

•    Leaves organic digesters behind for added odor control.

•    Rapid oil splitting capabilities and digesters improve industrial filtration/recycling systems.

•    Provides additional benefits to downstream waste water by helping to degrade petroleum
      soils found in waste treatment systems.

•    Ideal for use in manufacturing plants, print shops, auto repair shops, dumpsters, loading
      docks, and mass transit systems.


• Specific Gravity – 1.019 @ 24oC/75oF • pH (Concentrate) – 8.5 – 9.5 • Density – 8.49 lbs/gal. @ 24oC/75oF
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