Industrial Welding Gloves


 Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has added a new line of industrial gloves to its Arc Armor™ Welding Protection portfolio. These gloves are designed to endure the long-term, repetitive abuse prevalent within manufacturing, fabrication and construction welding applications. Miller’s industrial glove line not only provides a level of comfort unmatched by traditional welding gloves, but also provides the necessary protection and dexterity welders’ jobs demand. Glove design is segmented into three categories: pattern, material usage and lining. Each glove features a three-dimensional pattern designed to fit the natural contours of the human hand. Multiple types and grades of leather are strategically selected and placed to maximize the benefits of each material based upon the intended application the glove will support. Performance-based linings are also incorporated to provide heightened protection and enhance user comfort. Together the design, materials and lining allow the glove to produce a more favorable fit, enticing welders to keep the product on, decreasing the chance of hand injuries in the workplace — ultimately increasing productivity, morale and overall safety of the welder.

“Traditional industrial welding gloves either fail to provide enough protection for the intended application or provide the necessary protection, but are too bulky, restricting hand movement,” said Bill Gardner, product manager for Miller Electric Mfg. Co.

“Arc Armor welding protection products are developed with the welder’s job in mind, resulting in products that provide optimal fit, comfort and protection. Our industrial glove line provides the unique benefits and necessary protection welders value as well as the economical prices companies can appreciate,” Gardner said.

Four styles are available to meet the needs of industrial welders:

  •  Heavy Duty MIG/Stick: Aluminized insulation reflects heat, and reinforced thumb and palm design provides extra comfort.
  • MIG: Exclusive pre-curved form-fitting pattern conforms to the natural shape of the hand. Moisture-wicking cotton fleece lining provides additional protection.
  •  MIG with an extended cuff: Exclusive pre-curved form-fitting pattern conforms to the natural shape of the hand. Moisture-wicking cotton fleece lining and an  extended 9-inch cuff provides heightened protection.
  •  TIG: Unlined pigskin leather palm allows superior dexterity, cut and abrasion resistance. A reinforced palm patch adds protection and comfort.

All styles from Miller are constructed with premium side split cowhide leather and


  • three-dimensional pattern
  • four styles are available
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