InfiniTouch Exceeds the Limits of Traditional Touch Screen and Offers Complete Freedom in Touch Surface Selection.


To address the need for reliable, durable touch panels that can withstand continuous use, abuse, weather elements, harsh and unsecure environments, QSI Corporation introduces InfiniTouch™, a patent-pending Force Panel Technology™  that enables any semi-rigid material – metal, glass, wood, stone, ceramic, plastic, or any combination of these materials, to sense touch.

"For nearly 40 years, engineers have worked to develop a commercially-viable, force-based technology. Today marks an industry milestone with the announcement that QSI has achieved success with the InfiniTouch Force Panel Technology," said James Elwell, QSI Corporation chief operations officer and InfiniTouch co-developer. "The InfiniTouch technology represents a major advance in touch control. It also solves the problems of how to handle the non-orthogonal nature of touches, how to adjust for the force variations during touch duration, and provides a touch surface with the durability and reliability to meet the needs of diverse industries. All at an affordable price."

Different from existing bending wave and projected capacitive ruggedized touch screens, the InfiniTouch Force Panel Technology offers:
  • Force-based touch sensing – InfiniTouch Force Panel Technology measures the force of a user's touch, rather than using a complex, indirect measurement. The location and force of the user's touch can be quickly and accurately determined by placing four force sensors near the corners of the touch surface. Relatively simple mathematical equations can be used to determine the X-Y location of the touch and the corresponding z-axis force.
  • Any semi-rigid surface can become a touch panel – the InfiniTouch Force Panel Technology's unique configuration enables any semi-rigid material, of any shape, to become touch sensitive including metal, glass, wood, stone, ceramic, composite, plastic or any combination of these materials. This capability enables the freedom to construct the panel to be as durable, waterproof and aesthetically pleasing as desired.

Suited for use in both secure, indoor and harsh, unsecured environments, the InfiniTouch Force Panel Technology is resistant to impacts of more than 1,400 g. InfiniTouch also offers unique capabilities not possible with existing technologies, such as the integration of multiple materials in a single touch surface, operable with elevated and irregular surfaces, attachments and penetrations. Additional features of InfiniTouch include:

§Capable of dynamic self calibration
§ Scalable to any size, proven up to 1.2 meters
§ Supports two-sided display
§ Usable with various elevations: flat plane, curved surface, 3-D surface, projected surface, or a surface with holes, such as a speaker
§ Highly light transmissive
§ Touchable with a finger, gloved hand, stylus, or other object
§ Operable when covered with ice, water, dust or debris
§ Capable of capturing signatures

InfiniTouch Force Panel Technology is currently being field tested with the Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) in Orange County, California at its toll road operations. Each tollbooth attendant averages 100,000 presses on the panel per month.

"The punishing level of continuous use at TCA's toll plazas proved too much for traditional touch screens," said Elwell. "Sensitive contact points quickly wore out, rendering the touch screens inoperable. The glass touch surface and sensor configuration of the InfiniTouch Force Panel Technology eliminates this challenge and has consistently delivered 100% performance touch after touch."

InfiniTouch is the only technology that directly measures the force of a user's touch, rather than using an indirect method that must translate a touch. The most simple, purest form of touch technology, InfiniTouch Force Panel Technology is ideal for outdoor kiosks and ticketing machines, ATMs, restaurant and hospitality, POS and retail, industrial, gas pump, military, medical, and other application

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