Infrared thermometer CellaTemp® PK


The CellaTemp® PK is a series of infrared pyrometers for fast, non-contact and wear-free temperature measurement from a safe distance, of temperatures ranging from -20 to 4,500 °F.

The CellaTemp PK 18 comes with an especially resilient lens, allowing its use even in extreme environmental conditions.

The CellaTemp PK 29 is equipped with a special UV blocking filter, thus avoiding that the measurement is affected by daylight.

The CellaTemp PK 41/42 is provided with a blocking filter with a spectral sensitivity of 4.5 - 4.8 µm. allowing it to measure the temperature from the near surface area of glass.

The CellaTemp PK 51 is developed especially for temperature measurements in flame heated furnaces.

The CellaTemp PKF 26/36 models feature an electronic unit that is separated from the measuring head – using a fiber optic cable to transmit the infrared radiation to the electronics. 


  • Temperature ranges from -20 to 4,500 °F (various models)
  • Non-Metal, Glass, Low Temperature, Bright, Shiny or Large Object Targets
  • M30 screw thread mounting
  • Maintenance-free, wear-free system measures the metal temperature non-contact
  • Analog output
  • Digital output
  • Focusable optics allow for precise distance adjustment 
  • Precision lenses with broadband antireflection coating
  • Bright, high intensity LED display
  • Also available as compact or fiber optic units
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