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Videojet Technologies Inc announces the launch of the Videojet 8510 ink jet printer. Offering unmatched ease of operation and maintenance, the 8510 ink jet printer provides maximum uptime through simple and quick ink cartridge changes. The 8510 is ideal for a range of primary and secondary coding and marking applications, and its touchscreen interface allows operators to access all common operations in five or fewer touches.   “The 8510 ink jet printer  represents a step-change improvement in operator ease-of-use for industrial ink jet solutions,” said Casey Robertson, Videojet thermal ink jet product manager. “By incorporating a menu-driven touchscreen interface with the inherent advantages of high resolution HP® printing technology, our industrial customers now have a coding device that is very simple to operate and maintain.  This greatly simplifies operator training and helps aid packaging line productivity.”   

With an intuitive 8.4 inch color touchscreen interface, the 8510 allows operators to quickly and easily ascertain the status of the printer, verify the print job currently loaded and check cartridge ink levels and other production line data – all from the home screen. Features of the 8510 touchscreen mimic consumer computing devices so operators benefit from the graphical user interface, which includes easy-to-learn icon-based controls. In addition, maintenance of the 8510 is as easy as wiping the printhead when it becomes dirty and replacing the empty ink cartridge when it runs out. Cartridge changes take less than one minute so packaging operations avoid costly downtime, remaining operational and more productive.   

The 8510 incorporates key elements of Videojet’s CLARiSUITE code assurance  software, a scalable software solution that enables packaging supervisors to increase productivity and reduce human error in message set-up. Inherent in the printer is the ability to move the critical task of message template creation away from the production floor. Packaging supervisors can embed rules-based guidelines into specific message fields, thus helping operators choose the correct data when setting up a packaging run and editing the code to be printed.     

The 8510’s compact size controller and multiple low profile printhead options allows for quick integration on packaging production lines – even in the most space-constrained locations. In addition, by having the ability to drive up to four printheads, operators can easily print tall messages or add printing content in a cost effective manner.  


  • simple and quick ink cartridge changes
  • 8.4 inch color touchscreen interface
  •  CLARiSUITE code assurance  software

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