Inline Float & Thermostatic Steam Trap Line


Spirax Sarco, Inc., (SSI) has released a new addition to the FTI Series of inline float and thermostatic (F&T) steam traps. The 1-1/2-in. process trap is well suited for both commercial and industrial HVAC applications, including air handling coils, heat exchangers, steam-to-steam generators, cooking kettles, large open heating vats and storage tanks. Encompassing a wide range of pressures and flows, the trap is offered in five pressure ranges, from 15 to 200 psig, with a maximum capacity of 11,059 lb/hr at 200 psig. The F&T trap works effectively and efficiently through its entire range with an infinite turndown ratio on both pressure and flow. It also has a single-seated mechanism design that ensures a tight shut-off under no-load conditions. Standard construction includes a heavy cast iron body and cover with a pressure rating of 200 psig at 450ûF; all stainless steel corrosion-resistant internal components; and a thermostatic air vent designed to withstand superheat, pressure surges and water hammer. Plus, all traps have a 3/8-in. drain connection, allowing SSI Freezeton III protection devices to be utilized in outside applications.
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