Innovative Air Cylinder Sensor Technology


The SF1 series cylinder sensors are setting new standards when it comes to position sensing on pneumatic cylinders. The main features include digital switching point setting using a teach-in procedure and a complete depiction of the entire stroke.

Equipped with an expanded range of functions, the new SF1 sensors from Rexroth substantially reduce installation and maintenance costs during operation while making position sensing even more user-friendly. All of the sensor’s components are securely joined to the cylinder.

The easy-to-use teach-in procedure does away with manual setting, reducing the number of moving parts and making installation quicker and easier. A further step towards condition monitoring is the option of monitoring the entire stroke using an analog output signal. The sensors’ ability to make position inquiries using digital switching points or through analog methods along the entire stroke is the latest stage in development from a pure accessory part to an integral functional component of the pneumatic actuator.
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