Innovative Pressure Regulator Offers 5X More Precision


Able to achieve precision better than 0.25” water column, the EQUILIBAR NL Series is an exciting new advance in back pressure regulation that offers unparalleled precision and sensitivity. With no moving parts, the frictionless design controls your process pressure to within 1-2% of set-point over extremely wide flow rates ranging from 1:1000. By using a fluid reference signal to communicate the set-point to the device, The EQUILIBAR NL delivers hands-off precise flow control for automated process streams. The new EQUILIBAR NC’s capabilities are so unique that it is opening a whole new class of fluid control applications. The new EQUILIBAR NL is available from 1/4” through 1 ½’ NPT in SS316, PTFE, PVC, and other materials.


• Uses a convenient 20-turn knob to adjust vacuum set-point • Is installed between your vacuum pump and your process • Controls in range 0 - 30 inHg • Sizes available 1/4" through 2"
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