Instant Adhesive


Combining the speed and strength of a traditional instant adhesive with the ability to fill gaps as deep as 5mm, Loctite® 3092 Instant Adhesive from Henkel Corporation permanently bonds a wide variety of materials in seconds regardless of ambient temperature and moisture conditions. This clear formulation delivers excellent aesthetics, virtually eliminating blooming and frosting on bonded parts. Loctite® 3092 Instant Adhesive is a two-component, non-drip gel, cyanoacrylate adhesive packaged in a convenient auto-mix syringe that precisely and consistently dispenses a controlled mix ratio for reliable bonding. 

The adhesive offers excellent bond strength on rubber, wood, paper, leather and most plastics including PVC, ABS, PC and PBT. Excellent for general repairs, Loctite® 3092 Instant Adhesive fixtures to handling strength in just 10 to 20 seconds through gaps to 0.002 inches and in 4 to 5 minutes through gaps to 0.200 inches, allowing the user to move quickly to the next processing step. The syringe system is designed to offer a work life of 4 to 5 minutes between dispenses. The adhesive resists temperatures between -4°F and +176°F and withstands 212°F temperatures intermittently. 


  • fill gaps as deep as 5mm
  • permanently bonds a wide variety of materials
  • non-drip gel